Agrigento, Sicily

Angelo The Shepherd

We worked with Compass Light Productions to write and direct this commissioned short documentary film as part of a series on international travel. Angelo is an incredibly hardworking shepherd in the 1,330-person village of Sant’Angelo Muxaro in Sicily. Every morning he wakes up before the sun, rides his horse to the hills in the dark, and tends to his sheep.Nearly one in every four people living in southern Sicily is an immigrant. Our second film follows a recently arrived Sudanese family who have created a new life in Sant’Angelo Muxaro. Their past is heartbreaking, their future is uncertain. See the film HERE

CLIENT Compass Light
PRODUCER Halle Johns
DIRECTOR Cecily Pingree
DP Lindsay Steven Mann
EDITOR Daniel Quintanilla

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© Beechwood Film, LLC. 2024 All Rights Reserved.