Maine's Bicentennial

Poems From Here

We produced this series of shorts celebrating Maine's Bicentennial with Poems by Maine Writers and Spoken by Mainers. The series was envisioned by Maine's poet laureate, Stuart Kestenbaum as an expansion of Poems From Here on Maine Public Radio and Maine Public Classical. The films include Mainers from Governor Janet Mills to student writers from the Telling Room in Portland.

In addition to directing and filming the shorts, we also did sound design on the project using a range of instruments from guitar, to piano, and even our thumbs on the rim of wine glasses. And yes, Governor Janet Mills actually plays the heck out of a piano! Poems from Here is a project of Maine Public and the Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance. The series is supported by The Libra Foundation, the Lunder Foundation, the Maine Bicentennial Commission, and the Maine Arts Commission.

EXEC PRODUCER Stuart Kestenbaum
EXEC PRODUCER Cecily Pingree
DIRECTOR/DP Lindsay Steven Mann

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© Beechwood Film, LLC. 2024 All Rights Reserved.